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Charlie Dalsass

Welcome to the consulting site of Charlie Dalsass.

Have you experienced broken commitments by absentee, moonlighting, web and mobile developers?
Can't afford a full-time developer, but need technical depth to bring in larger projects?
Does your development staff seem a million miles away?

I can help you:

Regain control of your project.

Apply a modern, software engineering background and approach to development and deployment of your project.

Develop your mobile strategy.

Today, it is critical to have a mobile-optimized web site. Here's why.
I offer unbiased solutions to the many options you face with your mobile app or mobile-optimized web site project.

Solve difficult engineering problems.

I can tackle difficult web and mobile engineering problems removing the roadblocks which are holding up your team.

Handle legacy web projects and applications.

I can help maintain, migrate or mobile-optimize Magento, Joomla and Wordpress web sites.

And every engagement is done with a world-class level of care, commitment and quality. It's my personal promise.

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